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3 Zigma Steel & Nylon Guitar Microphone Kit

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Made specifically for capturing the widest variety of fretted instruments; presenting them in a natural honest way. Curated by Larry Villella based on tracks by Mick Conley & Marty Stuart.

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The 3 Zigma Steel & Nylon Guitar 2x6 Hybrid Microphone Kit gives you a custom optimized hybrid-mic kit, made specifically for giving you optimal tonal options for capturing both steel-string acoustic AND nylon-string 'classical' guitars, presenting them in the most flattering and natural light possible.
3 Zigma Steel & Nylon Guitar Microphone Kit takes the same basic form of the Steel String Microphone Kit but alters it.

3 Zigma's Steel String Guitar Microphone Kit is inspired by the findings of Multiple Grammy Award Winning Artist Marty Stuart and his Engineer Mick Conley. When it comes to capturing acoustic guitar sounds, few people (if any) know more about what the recorded sound of an acoustic guitar should sound like than these two. After all, Marty Stuart has a million-dollar guitar collection. And what do they use to capture it? 3 Zigma!