Electric Guitar Mic Tool Kit

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Inspired by Michael Wagener and his Wall of Cabs


The Hybridmic System Electric Guitar Mic Kit Modular Components

Capsule Modules: 
CLOL 12 | Brightest of our capsules. Smooth response throughout frequency range especially the Hi Mids up through the Highs.  Cuts through in a mix.  Solid Fundamental Lows. 
When paired with the HA FX Ultra High SPL Transformer Coupled Head Amp the CLOL 12 Capsule Module is a great Drum O/H Mic where a brilliant wash of cymbals is desired, designed to reference a Vintage C 12. 

CLOL 49 | 1950’s Classic mic vibe. Slightly dark but clear Hi- Freq. Full clear Mids with a round low end.
When paired with the HA FX It is an amazing mic for distorted guitar cabinets or brass instruments. Designed to reference a Vintage M 49

CLOL 67 | Early 60’s Vintage mic vibe. Beautiful tonal color. Just the right amount of scoop in the nasal/ sibilance range. Slightly more presence than the CLOL 47 but less top end. Nicely balanced lows/Low Mids.
When paired with the HA FX The CLOL 67 TL is a stunning mic for reeds or small body acoustic guitars, with super low noise. Designed to reference a Vintage U-67.

SD C | is a great small diameter cardioid for loud sources. Especially designed for miking loud sources such as drum O/H.
When paired with the AH FX | ??

2 – SD H Hyper Cardioid Capsule  |  A more directional version of the Cardioid capsule, with more proximity effect. The treble response is still very realistic and to some people, will actually sound more "real" than the cardioid.
When paired with the HA FX It is a fabulous ultra high SPL (Sound Pressure Level ) close mic technique small diameter that is perfect for snare or other drum elements.

Head Amps:

2 – HA FX | We added a transformer for a little audio color – Also added a high pass filter and a pad switch for flexibility.

2 – Shock Mounts  | for HA-FX Head Amps.
Includes Jewel Box

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