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TL Master Tool Kit

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The TL Master Tool Kit The ultimate Tool-Kit for live or recording a wide variety of acoustic sources.


The Hybridmic System Master Tool Kit Modular Components

Capsule Modules: 
CLOL 12 | Brightest of our capsules. Smooth response throughout frequency range especially the Hi Mids up through the Highs.  Cuts through in a mix.  Solid Fundamental Lows. 
When paired with the HA TL II the Ultra-Low Noise Transformerless Head Amp. The CLOL 12 is an amazing acoustic guitar mic with super-low self noise, designed to reference a Vintage C 12.

CLOL 47 | Very Smooth highs but with a bit of attitude. Less presence with an open sounding top end. Rich Tight Lows. More natural tonality than the CLOL-12.
When paired with the HA TL II It makes a great spot mic or in pairs a wonderful x/y mic (x/y method is ideal for close-mic applications with minimal phase issues) with super low noise, designed to reference a Vintage U47.

CLOL 67 | Early 60’s Vintage mic vibe. Beautiful tonal color. Just the right amount of scoop in the nasal/ sibilance range. Slightly more presence than the CLOL 47 but less top end. Nicely balanced lows/Low Mids.
When paired with the HA TL II the Ultra-Low Noise Transformerless Head Amp. The CLOL 67 FX is amazing on Reed Instruments, slightly distorted guitar cabinets, or even vocals. Designed to reference a Vintage U 67. 

CLOL 251 | Unique tonality. Considered our 2nd brightest mic. Described as silky with an Air band boost. Smooth Mid Response and a full low end.  
When paired with the HA TL II is a stunning mic for nylon stringed guitars, or harps, designed to reference a Vintage ELam 251.

SD H Hyper Cardioid Capsule  |  A more directional version of the Cardioid capsule, with more proximity effect. The treble response is still very realistic and to some people, will actually sound more "real" than the cardioid.
When paired with the HA TL II It is perhaps the most perfect upright bass, or on-stage acoustic guitar mic.

SD O F Omni Capsule  |  Free Field response: to be used when a relatively flat treble is required on axis, for instance when the source needs to be accurately represented (darker room sound).
When paired with the HA TL II it is a wonderful overhead mic for choir, orchestra, or instrument miking. Especially designed for closer omni mic technique such as over the head of a choir or instrumentalist or nearby stereo mic technique of grand piano or other critical instruments.

Head Amps:

4 – HA TL II | developed to be the cleanest amp we could build. Straight wire theory. Extremely low noise. Transformerless design offers a straightforward signal path (with no superfluous circuitry to encumber) or possibly distort the imaging of the capsule's character. What goes in is what comes out - only louder. 
4 – Shock Mounts  | for HA-TL Head Amps.
Includes Jewel Box

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