Announcing ADK Microphones and David Bock Collaboration

by Miles Fulwider on May 21, 2024
ADK Microphones announces its collaboration with legendary microphone designer David Bock.  David is a famed microphone designer with multiple TEC nominations in his 30 plus year career.  He is the design genius behind David Bock Audio and Soundelux Microphones.
David’s history with ADK goes back to the very early days of ADK Custom Shop tube mics that he assisted with over 15 years ago.  
David has now redesigned the latest flagship Z²-Mod, the Z²(Squared seriesof six tube mics that - rather than clones of classic mics, takes the vintage tone-profile and re-imagines it with exponentially better specifications, and re-purposed for the modern recording studio. 
Manufactured in the USA, and created custom for each client, the Z-Mods come in six historical reference tone-profiles - Z²-12, Z²-47, Z²-49, Z²-67, Z²-251 and Z²-800 and come with a heavy-duty continuously variable power supply with ultra-deluxe accessory packaging. 
The new David Bock  designs are currently shipping and have an MSRP of $3998. - 1-503-296-9400 Email