Announcing ADK Microphone & David Bock Z² Microphone Collaboration.

Z² is a Hand-Crafted in USA Multi-Pattern • Class A Valve/Tube Condenser Mic that is Custom • Individually built for Each and Every Client
David (design genius behind David Bock Audio and Soundelux Microphones) has now redesigned the latest flagship Z²-Mod, the Z²(Squared series) of six tube mics that - rather than clones of classic mics, takes the vintage tone-profile and re-imagines it with exponentially better specifications, and re-purposed for the modern recording studio.

The new Z² version Z-Mod is a modified version of the original Z-Mod. Instead of off-shore metal work, the Z² is completely manufactured in the USA with American metal. Instead of an imported PCB that's populated in USA, it's an American PCB. Electronic and mechanical improvements have been made to the Z-Mod, and an Electro-Mod for original Z-Mod owners is available for low or no cost.

Vintage Mics come in a Range of Tone Colors, from Mellow to Brilliant. ADK has Re-Imagined these Signature Tone-Profiles, with Upgraded Performance and Exponentially better specifications. Beyond the plethora of clones, Z² charts new territory. Overbuilt to the Max!

Z² is a Hand-Crafted in USA Multi-Pattern • Class A Valve/Tube Condenser Mic that is Custom • Individually built for Each and Every Client.

ADK Z² 67 Custom Tube/Valve Microphone


ADK Z² 251 Custom Tube/Valve Microphone


ADK Z² 800 Custom Tube/Valve Microphone


ADK Z² 47 Custom Tube/Valve Microphone


ADK Z² 49 Custom Tube/Valve Microphone


ADK Z² 12 Custom Tube/Valve Microphone




The Silver Edition Suite gives you the best of all possible accessory collections. If everything in the signal-chain matters, Accu-Sound Silver Pro is audibly better than any wire we've ever tried. Silver Edition is the chef's table multi-course delight with Rycote, Hakan, and N/O stock tubes to complement the Z²® and Z-Power®. The luxurious deluxe HD tweed case keeps everything in one place and protects the Z² Mic and all the accessories. The Z² Silver Edition Suite looks as great as it sounds.


Want to invest in your accessories one or two at a time, explore the A La Carte options. After you have designed your one-of-a-kind Z² mic choose the accessories you need for your studio.

ADK Custom Z-12 is a Magic Mic!
I used it to track Kylie Minogue "Golden". I love the way the Custom Z-12 carves her voice… .
Lindsay Rimes 
ADK Custom Z-47 
ADK Custom Z-47 is an absolutely world-class handmade tube mic with a sound that is impeccable!  
Lincoln Brewster
ADK Z-49
We use the Z-49 on a lot of male vocals, like Jon Foreman from Switchfoot. I couldn’t be happier with the sound!  Ken Riley
Ken Riley
ADK Custom Z-251
I can’t hear the difference between an ADK Custom Z-251 and a vintage one!
Chuck Ainlay
ADK Custom Z-67
All my career I’ve been looking for a “good U-67”. The search is over with the new ADK Custom Z-67. 
Michael Wagener
ADK Z-800
If you are making any sort of “modern” Pop, R&B, or even Rap, I highly recommend you buy an ADK Z-800 right now and don’t look back!  
Luke Baker
ADK Custom Z-67
Any engineer or studio in need of a no-compromise mic should give top consideration to an ADK Custom Z-67.
Russ Long – Pro Sound Network
ADK Custom Z-251
ADK has done a great job of capturing the feel and sonics of the 251 family of microphones in the opulent air and solid tone of the Z-251.
Paul Vnuk, Jr. - Recording Magazine