"Z-Power"® Universal Continuously-Variable Valve/Tube Microphone Power Supply Built in the USA

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      Entirely Built in USA using ultra-premium components and design.

      Continuously Variable between Omni, Cardioid, and Figure of 8. 

      Wait-List 4 weeks.  Give a $100 deposit to get in the queue. Thanks!

      Overbuilt like the Z-Mod and Z-Squared Microphones for which it's built, it also will work on a variety of other modern valve/tube microphones—built to the highest standards. Early Beta-Testers remark as to how quiet Z-Power is. Some remark on how the music seems more 3 dimensional.  Designed to last for a hundred years!

      • Medical-Grade AC Power Input Modules with High-Grade IEC Filter.
      • American Steel Chassis, American-Made PCB - All Assembled in the USA.
      • Overbuilt using US Made Edcor Transformer and Accu-Sound Audio Wire.
      • Built to the same highest possible standard as Flagship Z-Mod Valve Mic.

                Works with Nearly All Modern Muti-Pattern
                Valve/Tube Class A  Condenser Microphones.
      Delivery in Late Spring.  Special Pre-Sale Pricing! (Low Ser # available).

      Plus Cash Rebate of $50 - $150 if you send back your old Power Supply!

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