Guitar Field-Tests: Guitar Microphone Optimization

by Larry Villella on October 08, 2021

ADK Mics Larry V playing a Matsuda Prototype
Guitar the Luthier Convention in Healdsburg CA


Mic Technique for Guitar,
a fifty-year perspective
from an audiophile,
guitar and
microphone collector and end-user.

Find Your Special Guitar Soul-Mate –Dial in Your Tone-Color!

You spend a lot of time trying to find guitars that fit your musical needs. It makes sense the each one of your guitars deserves a microphone that fits the personality of you and the personality your musical instrument. In Nashville it’s not unusual to put a variety of guitar mics on a single acoustic guitar to find or blend the perfect tracks.

That said - Sometimes it’s far better to find the Perfect Mic for Your Guitar and track Mono!