Choose your Lollipop tonal color

Tonal Color wheel  | The tone color can be infinitely mixed and matched with the source audio, mic placement, tube/solid-state mic preamps, and even the style of music. All of which will determine which tonal paintbrush you want to use


CLOL 12  | Described as having a sheen, with the boosted mids. shining rather than bright -  Cuts through in any mix!  Solid fundamental lows.
Best Use: Large Body Frets, Rock Drum OH, Loud Rock / Hip-Hop Vocalists.

3 Zigma Audio CLOL 12 | Pre-Aged 99.999% Pure-Gold Vapor-Deposit 6μ SD Capsule

CLOL 251  | Our second brightest mic. Described as silky with big airband boost, smooth, mid response, and a full low end.
Best Use: Nylon Guitars, Harps, Mandolin, Bass Clarinet. Jazz Drum OH, any Breathy Vocalist.

3 Zigma Audio CLO 251 | Pre-Aged 99.999% Pure-GoldVapor-Deposit 3μ SD Capsule

CLOL 67  | Early 60’s vintage mic vibe. More mids than a 251, but less air than either 12 or 251. The most forgiving mic on widest of source material. Fits in all but the biggest mixes.
Best Use: Small Finger-Style or Parlor guitars, All Horns – Especially Sax; Clean Guitar Cabs, Jazz, R&B and Opera Singers.

3 Zigma Audio CLOL 67 | Pre-Aged 99.999% Pure-Gold Vapor-Deposit 6μ SD Capsule

CLOL 47  | The most neutral of all the lollipops, a 1950’s vibe with deep rich bass, tailored top-end.
Best Use: Distorted or Hissy Tube Cabs, Bright Sax Players, Kick Drum, Crooner Vocalists, Grand Piano, B-3, Harmonica.

3 Zigma Audio CLOL 47 | Pre-Aged 99.999% Pure-Gold Vapor-Deposit 6μ SD Capsule


CLOL 49  | 1940’s classic vibe. The mellowest lollipop, a shallow lower midrange boost with a deeply scooped 10kHz and sharp roll-off at 15k.
Best Use: Trombones, Guitar Cabs, Male Vocalist, any place you’d use a Ribbon.

3 Zigma Audio CLOL 49 | Pre-Aged 99.999% Pure-Gold Vapor-Deposit 6μ SD Capsule


C-LOL 251 Capsule-Module


C-LOL 47 Capsule Module


C-LOL 67 Capsule Module


C-LOL 12 Lollipop Capsule Module