ADK Z-12  Silver Edition - Recorded on a ADK Z-12  Microphone Recorded on a ADK Z-12  Microphone
ADK Z-12  Silver Edition
ADK Z-12  Silver Edition
ADK Z-12  Silver Edition
ADK Z-12  Silver Edition

    ADK Z-12 Silver Edition

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      "The Z-12 is a Magic Mic! I used it to track Kylie Minogue's "Golden." I love the way the Custom Z-12 carves her voice in the mix. On both male and female vocals, I love this microphone." 

      Lindsay Rimes - Award-Winning Sony/ATF Musician, Producer, Engineer

      ADK Z-12 is a brilliant - yet smooth - vocal mic for vocalists needing to cut through a very loud mix.  The Z-12 is an homage to the legendary C12 mic, which is incredibly rare due to the small number of originals made. Known for its brilliant top end and crystal clear sound, the Z-12 is a microphone of epic proportions making it the most detailed mic in the Z-mod line. For less than a tenth of the price of the classic, you can now have this brilliant sound in your studio and on your recordings. Our Golden Ears chose a British Sowter Transformer for the Z-12. Rock Vocalists, Modern Country Artists love the Z-12. Looking for Punchy Rock Vocals – male or female? Z-12 tracked vocals on Kylie Minogue’s Golden.

      ADK Z-Mod Custom Tube/Valve Microphone comes with everything to plug and play (except a pre-amp).

      • Microphone Hand-Crafted in the USA Chassis and Electronics Assembly.
      • Deluxe Heavy-Duty Custom Tweed Case.
      • All-New Made in USA "Z-Power" Power Supply with Advanced Features.
      • Heavy-Duty RYCOTE Suspension Mount.
      • HAKAN Pop-Filter (w. Goose-neck and Clamp).
      • 15′ USA-Made Accu-Sound Silver-Pro 7-Pin Tube Microphone XLR Cable.
      • 15′ USA-Made Accu-Sound Silver-Pro 3-Pin Microphone XLR Cable.
      • Spare Elastics for Shock Mount.
      • Sampler-Kit of Three Low-Noise Valve/Tube for fine-tuning mic characteristics.