Tonal Color wheel  |  The tone color can be infinitely mixed and matched with the source audio, mic placement, tube/solid state mic preamps, and even the style of music. All of which will determine which tonal paintbrush you want to use.

ADK Z 12 - Ruby color to fit its fire-like tone-color. Brilliant without any harshness, front of the Mix! Insanely great for Pop, Rock and Hip Hop Vocals, Frets, Drum OH. Make Great Room Mics in a Darker Space. Crisp & Clear.
ADK Z 251 - Top Banana to indicate its almost Golden Sheen. Plenty of mids but with extreme air-band boost! For great singers, especially lyrical, breathy vocalists. Amazing on Nylon String Guitars and Baritone Sax.
ADK Z 67 - Blue has a more calming, forgiving nature. Good mids with a tailored top. Slightly rounded tone. R&B and Jazz and Singers with Acoustic Bands, Organs, Reeds. ADK Z 67 works on the absolute widest range of source material.
ADK Z 47 - Grey is the most neutral, yet full-bodied tone. Mellow without being Muddy, with a round natural sound. Male Vocalists, Grand Pianos, Room Mics in Bright Spaces.
ADK Z 49 - Black is most Ribbon-Like, Mellowest Mic of all. Surprising full mids, yet amazing sonic density.  Fat! All vocalists wanting a super old-school vibe.
Loves Brass and Tube or Distorted Guitar Cabs!