ADK Microphone Users

If you have heard a Rise Against album recorded in the last seven years then you’ve heard ADK Microphones. Rise Against’s longtime recording engineers Jason Livermore and Bill Stevenson of Blasting Room Studios are huge fans of our mics and use them every chance they get.

Ray was known as a man with exceptional ears. He had the ability to hear nuances in music that most only wish they could hear. So when he chose to record his final three albums with ADK Microphones it should come as no surprise.

One of the most prolific metal bands of all time, Megadeth needed microphones that would capture their technical style while staying true to their unique sound. ADK Microphones were chosen for the task and exceeded their expectations. There’s an ADK Microphone perfect for every genre of music and every instrument you could possibly want to record.
Nine-time Grammy® winning and Pulitzer Prize for Music winning Jazz Trumpeter Wynton Marsalis is a different breed of musician. Smart and beyond talented, Wynton cares about the purity of music and that means how it is captured as well. When given the choice to use any microphone in the world, he chose ADK to showcase his extensive musical abilities on a daily basis.
When world-renowned Opera/Classical singer Juliette Pochin needed a microphone that could handle the dynamics of her incredibly powerful and detailed voice, she chose ADK Microphones. Known for having a voice that sounds like melted chocolate, which actually inspired a custom line of chocolates, she has shared the stage with Europe’s greatest orchestras. Juliette has also produced, arranged and composed #1 classical hits and soundtracks and can be heard on the soundtracks for Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and Star Wars.
Few bands have had such an interesting history as that of The Beach Boys. With over 100 million albums sold, they are one of the best selling bands in history. So when legendary Recording Engineer Ted Perlman introduced them to ADK Microphones, they were floored. For guys that had been in the business for so long and heard every microphone out there, to sing ADK’s praises, that says something. And if “America’s Band” says so, you better listen.
All these vintage microphones and ADK is the top choice for Edge of Paradise’s new album, recorded by famed metal producer Michael Wagener. We hear it time and time again, ADK mics get chosen over the originals because of their amazing vintage sound and incredibly low noise. From Metal to Classical, ADK is the ultimate choice for your recordings. We can’t wait to see how this female fronted metal band is going to continue tearing up the music industry. Will you be next?