ADK CREMONA-251 T Microphone - Female Singers Especially Lyrical, Breathy Vocalists, Archtop or Nylon String Guitars, Bari Sax -
ADK CREMONA-251 T Microphone
ADK CREMONA-251 T Microphone
ADK CREMONA-251 T Microphone

ADK CREMONA-251 T Microphone

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Cremona is a Creamy Super Silky Female Vocal Microphone. Great on any Great Singer and perfectly wrong for sibilant or nasal vocalists. Optimal for delicate instruments, Nylon Strings and things. Mando, Banjo, Jazz Overhead, Room Mics in Natural Hall.
  • Moderate Upper Mid-Range Boost
  • Giant 15k Air Band Boost
  • Surprisingly Tight Low-End
  • Headline Female Singers, Male too! Nylon Strings, Banjo, Jazz Overheads
  • Archtop (Low-Watt Electric or Acoustic), Nylon String Guitars, Bari Saxophone

ADK Custom Shop Cremona 251-T Microphone Includes

  • American Hardwood Jewel Box
  • Ring Mount

The Running Mates Cover Dreams - Fleetwood Mac

"We are so happy to be representing ADK microphones with these beautiful tube mics. Julie is using the TC-251 and Spencer is on the TC-12. Also, on the guitar, we have the amazing new Zeus! We highly recommend checking out Larry Villella's outstanding microphones."

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