ADK Z² 12 Custom Tube/Valve Microphone Naked Z-Mod Sale

    ADK Z² 12 Custom Tube/Valve Microphone Naked Z-Mod Sale

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      ADK Z² 12 is a brilliant - yet smooth - vocal mic for vocalists needing to cut through a very loud mix. The Z² 12 is a homage to the legendary C12 mic, an incredibly rare mic due to the small number of originals. Known for its brilliant top-end and crystal-clear sound, the Z² 12 is a microphone of epic proportions making it the most detailed mic in the Z² line. For less than a tenth of the price of the classic, you can now have this brilliant sound in your studio and on your recordings. Our Golden Ears chose a British Sowter Transformer for the Z² 12. Rock Vocalists, Modern Country Artists love the Z² 12. Are you looking for Punchy Rock Vocals – male or female? Z² 12 tracked vocals on Kylie Minogue's Golden.

      The ADK Z² tube microphones are Class A (Discrete) 9 Polar-Pattern Tube (Valve) condenser microphones hand-built as "one-offs" using a custom Belgium-designed PC Board built with Hi-Fi methods and materials, using a "no-corners-cut" approach. Each microphone features a hand-selected valve and top-of-the-line components (like a British Sowter Transformer) with ADK-designed capsules from the Custom Shop "Capsule-Bank."

      Founded on Ray Charles's Favorite ADK's Area 51 TT chassis, this is a customized product that can be custom-built "one-off" for each client based on one's preference for historical, vintage curves, and microphone response characteristics. So, we can do that if you want a specific tone color for your capsule choice!

      ADK Custom Shop Z² 12:
      The Z² 12 is the most "mid-boosted" of all ADK Z² Series Custom Valve Mics with an almost effervescent high-end. The Z² 12 and Z² 251 are possibly the most historically accurate of the six mics. Z² 12 has more 5kHz boost; the Z² 251 has more air (15kHz boost).

      Z² Naked Z-Mod Package Includes

      • Choice of All-American Manufactured Z² Z-Mod Microphone
      • American Hardwood Plush/lined Jewel Box
      • All-American Made Continuously Variable Universal -Power Supply
      • 1 Extra Tube
      • Rycote Shock-mount
      • Metal Pop Filter
      • Accusound 7-Pin Tube Mic 15' Copper Cable
      • $2,598 + FREE SHIPPING (within the USA)
      • Add an additional Z-Mod Microphone for $1,850