C-LOL 12 FX Microphone
V12T-c-curve for C-LOL 12 FX Microphone - The C-LOL 12 FX  is a great acoustic guitar mic with a brilliant, forward in the mix tonality   Designed to reference a Vintage C-12.ADKMic.com
C-LOL 12 FX Microphone
C-LOL 12 FX Microphone

    C-LOL 12 FX Microphone

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      The C-LOL 12 FX  is an Amazing Acoustic Guitar Mic with a brilliant, forward-in-the-mix tonality.  Makes a great Drum Over-Heard Mic, especially used in Matched Pairs.  

      Designed to reference a Vintage C-12. The Advantage of the FX on Frets: the HPF allows you quick control of bass-proximity boost on large guitars and the Pad allows this mic to do Triple-Duty on Drums and Cabs, especially for tracking Clean Guitars.


      3 Zigma Hybrid Mic System - Ultra-High SPL Microphone

      Includes: Shock Mount in Crown-Royal Style Velvet Bag.

      Optional Jewel Box

      Ships Via: Fed Ex or U.S.P.S.

      C-LOL 12  |  Brightest of our capsules. Smooth response throughout frequency range especially the high midrange and still apparent in the air-band range. Cuts through in a mix. Solid Fundamental Lows. 
      HA-FX  |  We added a transformer for a little audio color. Also added a high pass filter and a pad switch for flexibility in controlling bass-proximity boost and high SPL source-material.

      More Specifications:

      Capsule 27.5mm 99.999% Pure-Gold Vapor Deposit Pre-Aged, Fine-Tuned Capsule 

      Type: Quasi-Class A Pressure Gradient FET LD Condenser Microphone
      Polar pattern: Fixed Cardioid
      Sensitivity: -35dB (22mV/Pa)
      Impedance: 200Ω
      S/N Ratio: 78dB (Ref: 1Pa/A-Weighted)
      Equivalent Noise Level: 9dB (A-weighted IEC 268-4)
      Max SPL for 0.5%THD: 135/143/151dB (0/8/16dB Pad)
      Power Requirements: Phantom power 48V±4V