C-LOL 251 TL Microphone
C-LOL 251 TL Microphone - ADKMic.com
C-LOL 251 TL Microphone - ADKMic.com
C-LOL 251 TL Microphone

C-LOL 251 TL Microphone

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The C-LOL 251 FX is great for Jazz Drum overhead, nylon strings, banjo, mandolin, amd baritone sax. Designed to reference a Vintage ELam 251 with Exponentially better Specs.

Béla Fleck tried all the lollipops and is on tour using this mic for his banjo!


The C-LOL 251 TL is a stunning mic for nylon-stringed guitars, harps vocals, more! 
Designed to reference a Vintage ELam-251.


3 Zigma Hybrid Mic System - Ultra-High Low Noise Mic

C-LOL 251  |  Unique tonality. Considered our 2nd brightest mic. Described as silky with an Air band boost. Smooth Mid Response and a detailed low end.  
HA-TL II  |  developed to be the cleanest amp we could build. Straight wire theory. Extremely low noise. Transformerless design offers a straightforward signal path with no superfluous circuitry to encumber or possibly distort the imaging of the capsule's character. A unique design using straight-wire theory for truly audiophile sonic purity. 
Shock Mount  | for HA-TL Head Amps.
No Jewel Box

Ships Via: Fed Ex or U.S.P.S.

More Specifications:

Type: Quasi-Class A Pressure Gradient FET LD Condenser Microphone 
Polar pattern: Fixed Cardioid 
Sensitivity: -34dB (20mV/Pa) 
Impedance: 100Ω S/N 
Ratio: 86dB (Ref: 1Pa/A-Weighted) 
Equivalent Noise Level: 8dB (A-weighted IEC 268-4) 
Max SPL for 0.5%THD: 138dB 
Power Requirements: Phantom power 48V

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