SD-H FX Microphone The SD-H FX is a fabulous ultra high SPL (Sound Pressure Level ) close mic technique small diameter that is perfect for snare or other drum elements. --
SD-H FX Microphone -
SD-H FX Microphone -

SD-H FX Microphone -

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Killer Snare Drum Mic, also Hi-Hat, Drum Overheads, Bass and Guitar Cab Mic. SD Hyper with Crazy SPL Specs! To most ears sounds the most "real" of any of our Small Diameter Capsules.

The SD-H FX is an ultra high SPL (Sound Pressure Level ) small diameter for close microphone technique that is absolutely perfect for snare or other drum elements.

Savvy engineers use one above and one below the snare 180 degrees out of phase. 



A Hybrid Mic System Using Modular Components 

SD H Hyper Cardioid Capsule  |  A more directional version of the Cardioid capsule, with more proximity effect. The treble response is still very realistic and to some people, will actually sound more "real" than the cardioid.
HA FX  |  We added a transformer for a little audio color. Also added a high pass filter and a pad switch for flexibility
Shock Mount  | for HA-FX (FET) Head Amps


Includes: Shock Mount in Crown-Royal Style Velvet Bag.

Ships Via: Fed Ex or U.S.P.S.

More Specifications:

Type: Quasi-Class A Pressure Gradient FET SD Condenser Microphone
Polar pattern: Fixed Cardioid
Sensitivity: -40dB (10mV/Pa)
Impedance: 200Ω
S/N Ratio: 77dB (Ref: 1Pa/A-Weighted)
Equivalent Noise Level: 17dB (A-weighted IEC 268-4)
Max SPL for 0.5%THD: 140dB/ 148dB/156dB w. Switchable PAD
Low Cut filter (HPF): SPECS Available Soon
Power Requirements: Phantom power 48V±4V

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