ADK has scoured the globe for the finest companion parts and accessories. Names like Accu-Sound, Hakan, and Rycote. Since ADK Custom Shop is housed in the same facility as Accu-Sound Custom Shop, Kevin can Cut-To-Order the exact Cable-Runs your studio or live rig requires.

"Z-Power"® Universal Continuously-Variable Valve/Tube Microphone Power Supply Built in the USA


Accu-Sound MX4 3-Pin Microphone XLR - Various Lengths


E-Ring Microphone Mount (Fits legacy mics such as Thor, A6, S7, A51 style)


American-Hardwood Jewel Box For 3 ZIgma Pairs


American-Hardwood Jewel Box for Single 3 Zigma


Import 7 Pin Tube Microphone XLR Cable - 5 Meter


T-Ring Microphone Mount


ADK 3Z-67D Dual Diaphragm Capsule


ADK 3Z-12D Dual Diaphragm Capsule


ADK 3Z-49D Dual Diaphragm Capsule


ADK 3Z-251D Dual Diaphragm Capsule


ADK 3Z-47D Dual Diaphragm Capsule


Rycote USM Universal Shock Mount for Z-Mods and T-FET's


Hakan Pop Filter with Goose-Neck and Clamp


Accu-Sound AT-7 Tube Mic Cables - Various Lengths


Accu-Sound Silver Pro HD-7 Tube Microphone 7-Pin - Various Lengths


Accu-Sound HD7 Tube Microphone 7 Pin XLR - 15'


Accu-Sound Silver Pro 3 Pin Microphone XLR - Various Lengths


E-Super Microphone Mount


T Super Microphone Mount


Grey Elastic Replacement Bands for Microphone Shock Mounts


Black Elastic Replacement Bands for Microphone Shock Mounts